Stronger, safer communities are formed when kids have access to quality childcare.

Investments in childcare are an effective way to break the cycle of poverty plaguing our communities, resulting in stronger families and multi-generation outcomes. Children with access to supportive childcare are more likely to finish high school, pursue further education, and secure full-time employment. They are less likely to interact with the criminal justice system or engage in drug use.

When children receive early childcare education, they are more likely to develop the skills necessary for success in school and beyond. This sets a strong foundation for their future and enhances their ability to become productive members of society, strengthening the overall fabric of the community. When our kids succeed, we all do.

The most effective thing we can do today to create safe, strong communities is invest in childcare now.


By the Numbers:


Increase in Graduation Rates

Students who received high-quality childcare increased high school graduation rates by up to 25% and college graduation rates by 13%.


Police Chiefs Agree

Nearly 90% of police chiefs agree that we could greatly reduce crime by expanding quality childcare programs


Gain Per Dollar Invested

Every dollar we invest in childcare programs for children facing barriers yields up to $7.30 for our economy.